Getting Started With Young Living Essential Oils

A few months ago, we were super blessed with new neighbors. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know them. Our kids are all around the same ages, so we are going through a lot of the same issues. Like family wellness, back-to-school, sensitive skin issues, getting great sleep, and eliminating chemicals out of the house. She told me what has worked for her family, which peaked my interest. For the past few years she has been using “Young Living”.  She invited me to learn more during a back-to-school class on Facebook, which was very fun and informative. She touched on wellness for the school year and preparing for the upcoming fall season. I even won one of the giveaways she was offering.

With the giveaways I won, she introduced me to a few blends: “Homework Time”, “Stress away”, and “Sleepize”.

“Homework time” is great for before and after school

“Stress Away” is great for those who just need to take a deep breath and re-center.

“Sleepize” is a good one to use at bedtime.

I was excited to get started, so before the kids started in on their homework that night we used “homework time”. They all really liked the scent, so that night they were all excited to try “Sleepize” in their diffusers for bedtime. I couldn’t wait to hear what their thoughts were. The next morning, as we sat down to breakfast, the kids blew me away with how much they LOVED using the oils in their diffusers.

Now when the kids come home from school they line up and asked to put some of the “Homework Time”. They put it on their necks and just immediately tell me how much the love this scent, and off to do homework they go.

I knew I liked the benefits of using oils, but hearing the kids rave about how they liked using them made me want to make more changes. In my opinion, kids are the best people to conduct reviews, because they are so non-biased.

So, what made me join and buy my premium starter kit?

  • The kids loved it, practically beaming about it.
  • It’s all natural.
  • I can swap out harmful chemicals and make my own cleaning solutions.
  • I can swap out my dryer sheets by using a wash cloth (or dryer ball, and adding oils.
  • Can eliminate chemicals found in lotions/perfumes.
  • I can add oils to things I drink, bake, and cook.
  • Instead of air fresheners, I can use my diffuser and it also puts moisture into our dry Colorado air.
  • I can also save money!

What comes in the premium starter kit?

  • Diffuser – They have several to choose from, I chose the Desert Mist.  I just love the pattern and it has 10 color options, including a candle-like flicker.
  • Premium Oils – Lavender, Peppermint Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Frankincense, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Raven, DiGize Vitality, PanAway
  • Stress Away 5ml
  • NingXia Red 2-oz samples
  • Thieves Household Cleanser 1-oz Sample Packet

If you’d like to view the catalog, please click here.

Also, join me on Facebook for my first Young Living Essential Oils class. I’ll be sending out invites, or if you’d like to be added just let me know. Please also let me know if you have any questions.


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