Toddler Pillowcase Review

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Timing, I am one of those who believe that everything happens for a reason.  Recently we graduated our daughter from a toddler bed to a “big girl” bed. When the kids graduate from their toddler bed, we’ve let them choose their next theme for their room.  Haleigh’s pick was her favorite princess, Sofia the First.  The bedding comes with a standard pillowcase, which is fine for a decorative pillow but it’s too big for her to sleep on at night.  For the longest time Haleigh had always wanted to use her Boppy for a pillow, which I was okay with since it didn’t kink her neck.  Before we bought her new bedroom set I was asked to do a review on a toddler pillow, which was wonderful since it was time to retire the Boppy for pillow purposes.  She loved the new pillow and we were thrilled that she was using it.  The only thing missing was that it didn’t have a pillow case. I was thinking I’d go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and let her pick out some material, but then within a week of receiving the pillow, I received an invite to review Angel Baby’s Toddler Pillowcase.

When we received and opened the pillowcase, I noticed it was super soft and I just loved the pink!  It’s made with 400 thread count sateen weave and measures at 14″ x 20.5″, which fits the toddler pillow I reviewed.  I recommend this line of toddler pillowcases, they’re also great for travel pillows that need a new cover.

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