Toddler Pillow Review

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Nothing is better than having your baby, toddler, or child sleep a whole night through.. You want them to be cozy, to be warm, to have ultimate softness. I know that for me and my husband we love slipping into bed when the sheets are extra soft, crisp, and cold.  Our pillows are usually firm and my husband makes sure that we replace them often, but this just isn’t just for our bedding. We want our children to experience the same luxury and comfort.  Recently I was invited to do a review on some toddler pillow, which was perfect timing.  We had just graduated our little princess from her toddler bed to a “big girl” bed.

The Original – Calla Pillow:

  • 100% U.S. Organic Cotton
  • 100% Calla Cluster-Fiber Fill
  • Zero Pesticides/Herbicides, Insecticides or Fungicides
  • Zero Flame Retardant Chemicals
  • 3 year “Out Grow It” Guarantee
  • Hand-Crafted in small batches
  • Made in the USA
  • For Toddlers and Travel
  • Wash Cold/Gentle
  • Dry Low/No Heat

These are all great reasons to buy this pillow, but the number one reason that stuck out to me the most was that these toddler pillows are made by a family business. They are parents who wanted their children to have a pillow that is suited for children.  Their tip that solves 95% of parents concern (thickness) says,

Press your hands on the top and bottom of the pillow and move them in a circular motion. This will move the filling toward the edge of the pillow and give you a better idea of the true thickness of the pillow. Your pillow will settle naturally by 20-30% after a week of use and remain at this thickness till you wash it. 

I followed their instruction, and it worked great for our little one.  She loves it and no longer uses her boppy, it’s a great fit.  I recommend trying The Calla Pillow.  For more information, please visit their website at:

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