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Do you or someone in your family play basketball?  My husband Todd has been playing on a Men’s Basketball Rec team for a while now, and his brand of choice when it comes to basketball gear is mainly Nike. When I asked if he’d like to try Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks he was interested in doing a comparison.  Here’s what he had to say:

The Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks are comparable to the Nike Elite. They’ve got a great fit, a little hard to put on, but they’re very comfortable.  I like the ankle support as well as the absorbing cushion in the heel.  I am 6’5 and having some extra cushion to absorb shock helps prevents any cramping.  After wearing these to a few games, I actually recommended them to my team. They’re a great price and a great product.. -Todd

So, Why Choose Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks? 
Ever found yourself getting those annoying blisters after playing for a while? Tired of wearing 2 pairs of socks while playing? Or even worse, constantly sprain your ankle with regular basketball socks? Basketball players like you and me have to jump stop, make random pivots, do tight turns and run really fast to be on top of our A-game. And regular socks just won’t do! You need professional basketball socks! This is why we teamed up with the world’s best Sports Science Research Center to develop 5 patented sock knitting technologies (yeah… geeky) to enhance your performance and reduce injuries.

Figure-Eight Ankle Support
With high elastic fabric from the arch to ankle in a figure-eight shape; it provides outstanding support to the arch, enhances ankle stability and reduces plantar pressure.

Solid Arch Support
The annular design in arch area provides extra support to prevent over-pronation, lessen fatigue of the feet and enhance the performance.

Dorsum (top of the foot) Protection
The cushion on the instep protects the dorsum and decreases the discomfort caused by the dorsum rubbing against the undersurface of the shoes.

Toe and Ankle Mesh Knitting
The mesh around the toe and ankle provide maximum air flow and breathability. This keeps your feet dry throughout the game and provides better grips of your shoes.

Heel Shock Absorbing Cushion

Medium (US Men’s Shoe Size: 5~6.5 & Women’s Shoe Size: 4~7.5)
Large (US Men’s Shoe Size: 7~11.5 & Women’s Shoe Size: 8~12.5)
X-Large (US Men’s Shoe Size: 12~14 & Women’s Shoe Size: 13~14)

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