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This week in reviews – September 8 – 12, 2015

Wow, it’s been crazy here!! School starting, soccer starting times 3, and then some!! I’ve got so much on my plate, that this time with as many things to review I thought I’d group them altogether.. We’ll see how that goes…

Chew-Choos ‘Cutie Pie’ Silicone Teething Necklace – This necklace totally wowed me, no joke. I took the necklace out of the packaging and thought it was the cutest thing ever. Wish they had these when my kiddos were little, but now I have an adorable 3 month old niece that I watch.. Necklace 2She’s beginning to grab things and the drooling has begun, it’s just a matter of time before she starts putting everything in her mouth. When I saw this promotion, I instantly thought of our little Lyra. Her mom and I both love it, I definitely recommend this.. It’s so cute, soft, and super fashionable! Win-win. Also available in Blue!


LED Small Lantern: This little lantern may be small, but it is mighty!! We just went on our family’s first camping trip, in a tent, and it was terrific. Well, besides not being able to have a bonfire due to a fire ban in our state that week. One thing that my husband and I worried about was, “what do we do when the sun goes down”? It’s not like we could sit around roasting marshmallows. Turned out we didn’t need a bonfire to have a wonderful camping experience. When the sun went down we all headed inside the tent, we had one lantern hanging in the middle, and we had this little guy over by our inflatable couch (which turns into a queen mattress, another review later).

The turn dial is easily adjustable from super bright to very dim. We actually used this one for a night light. It gave off such a warm glow it was just what we needed to keep the kiddos feeling safe. Definitely recommend this little LED small lantern!

LED Small Lantern

Muddler: Mmmmm, cocktails. Mojitos are so yummy and are so refreshing on a hot summer day. Sleek design fits perfectly in your grasp to make delicious drinks all night long! Specially-designed grooved head extracts massive amounts of flavor from fruits, herbs and spices for a great tasting drink. Premium grade stainless steel exterior is built to last and easy to clean. Nylon netted head prevents pollutants and unwelcome flavors from entering your drink. Must-have bar tool that will help you easily create martinis, cocktails and mojitos that taste like they were ordered from a professional bartender!


Chess Set: My oldest son, Wyatt, loves to play chess. A few months ago, I think before his 7th birthday, he asked my husband if he could teach him to play chess. Then we went searching for the perfect board. After going to several shops, who knew chess boards are so hard to come by, we found one. It was just a good starter board.
Then I saw this promotion, I like that it folds up. It reminds me of the chessboard my dad had when I was a kid, I think I used it for playing with the very cool characters than actually playing chess. It just looked so fancy. This Chess Set reminds me of that, the board is sturdy. The pieces feel heavy and not just some plastic pieces.


Earbuds – Heavy Bass: Wonderful sound and clarity, with tangle free cord!

Clear stereo sound and big bass! These flat cable earphones offer stunning stereo sound and a deep, booming bass, providing an amazing overall listening experience for their size. With durable materials used in manufacturing and a robust design, these are a perfect option if you’re looking for exercise headphones or just some casual listening. Comfortable fit and size-adjustable
The FSL sound isolating earbuds come with 3 adjustable sizes of rubber ear tips, small, medium and large. Whatever your ear size, you are guaranteed a snug, comfortable fit that blocks out external noise and delivers clear, high quality sound with booming bass to your ear. Carrying pouch is also included. Universal compatibility with any electronic device that uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This means all versions of the iPod and iPhone, all Android phones, all tablets, laptops, PCs, portable gaming systems and CD or DVD players. These are useful for hardcore gamers that don’t want any outside noise to distract them. Play World of Warcraft or Diablo II in peace! Flat cable is robust and tangle-resistant. Enjoy easy use of your noise-canceling earbuds while you’re on-the-go without having to worry about them getting tangled in your pocket. The flat cable used in construction of the FSL Aluminum Earphones is designed to be tangle-resistant, so you can skip untangling your headphones and get on with enjoying your music.

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