Sviuse – Women’s Vintage Top Handle Satchel Handbag/Purse Review

I love the look of this handbag, and I happily accepted their offer to review. After all, I am a handbag lover! While I can’t necessarily afford all the designer brands, bags like the one I am reviewing below do me just fine. Besides, there’s plenty of sites and companies that sell faux designer brand handbags nowadays if I ever change my mind, though I don’t know how reliable they are (check out this Chanel replica bags review by Mau-fashion if you’re thinking of purchasing this fake designer brand). Anyway, I digress! It arrived today, so here’s what I thought…

Uh oh, right out of the box I noticed a zipper problem on the front pocket.


I swiped the zipper back and forth, which corrected the problem. I have tested it many times with no other problems. The pocket isn’t very deep, but great to store your lipstick or Chap Stick for quick access.

The color is a rich butterscotch, has the look of real leather, is soft, and has big pockets in the inside. It’s also stain resistant.


3 side pockets, middle pouch with zipper, and 2 compartments on either side. The phone pocket is a bit small for my phone, which is a iPhone 7s. I could and will use the middle pouch to hold my phone, so it doesn’t get lost. This would be really good for traveling. I can fit my phone, tablet (for the kids), makeup bag, and more!

The curved handles are nice, they’re attached by a gold slider that adjusts when the handles are lifted. It also comes with a removable/adjustable shoulder strap.

The dimensions of the purse are: 12.6″(L) x 5.5″ (W) x 9.8″ (H). Length of handle 2.75″.

Over all it’s a nice purse, stitching had no flaws and besides the zipper issue when I first got it out of the packaging, it’d be a great buy. If you’d like to look or buy one for yourself, please click here, this will direct you to

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**Disclosure: I was able to buy this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review of this product.**



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