Suit and Shoe Garment Bag Review

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About once or twice a year, my husband travels with his company to conventions. It’s usually business casual, but when they meet clients out to dinner he doesn’t want to go business casual. When he packs his suits, we really didn’t think about using a garment bag or shoe bag. He packs everything in a big suitcase and a carry on. Then he’d have the hotel dry cleaner press his entire outfit, since it comes out as a royal un-pressed mess. It is time to carry his expensive garments and branded shoes with proper protection, to avoid sabotaging their smart looks?

Have you or maybe your significant other regretted the idea of storing your suits, pants, shirts and dresses without protecting it properly?

It is time to say goodbye to all the hazards related to transporting and storing your smart and elegant garments. Let this set of 2 top quality suit carriers and shoe bag do the job for you!

Why people are buying this bundle package?
✓ Guaranteed best protection
✓ 110 GSM thickness
✓ Nice gold metal corners, for the finished classic look
✓ Metal eyelet for hanger hooks, for convenient folded over carrying
✓ Highly durable and affordable
✓ The complete set to transport and store your clothes and shoes without a hassle

The high quality acid free and breathable material of the storage bags keeps your suits, trousers, tops, shirts, dresses from getting musty and dusty while the FREE waterproof
Spacious shoe bags will secure your branded leather footwear from getting damp. Pull the drawstring or zip and eliminate any interaction with harmful elements. I recommend using these if you travel or want to protect your clothing while hung in your closet.

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