Strength Stack 52 Fitness Review

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Looking for a fun way to get your exercise and family time all in one, or are you looking for a clever way to keep the kiddos active, or mixing up your own workout routine?  These stacks are packed with activities for all levels. Strength Stack 52 was founded by Mike Volkin he served as a Sergeant in the US Army from 2001 to 2009 and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for the exercise and diet programs he developed for the men. This is designed for mom, used by the US military, it’s just that good!

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards come in three packs:

Blue Pack is the main deck/starter deck, 52 cards included

Orange Pack is the Expansion Pack, 52 cards included

Black and Grey is the Insane Pack, 12 of the hardest bodyweight exercises known to mankind!


Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards

Each card shows:

* A silhouette picture of the exercise

* Suites to play different games

* Colors that group the primary muscle groups

* Number of reps

* QR reader that directs you to YouTube for a video demonstration

* Difficulty of exercise

* Description of exercise

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards

When I opened the Strength Stack 52, we started with the blue deck. This was so much fun, we were cracking up with laughter as we watched the kids attempt to do:

  • Donkey Kick
  • Inch Worm
  • Spiderman Plank
  • Dragon Walk

And then we kicked things up to the Expansion Pack, now this was pure entertainment!!  The kids were trying so hard to master the following exercises:

  • Chest Tap
  • Jumping Jack Push-up

We stopped there and took things back to an easier level for the kids.. We had so much fun laughing and trying out new exercises. You can visit their site at for fun games for 1+, 2+, or find out what games are most popular. For one player, I liked: Memory.  Two player we liked Fit Poker and War..

I’d like to try their Weight Loss Stack 52, and they also have Strength and Quick Sweat packs as well. These are great, if you travel or like to workout at home this is a wonderful way to mix things up and maybe try something new!  I definitely recommend this to my readers, it’s not just for the super fit. It’s a very informative and fun!

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