INNObeta Cornie Star Projector Review

With Christmas just months away, you might be thinking of gift ideas. This unicorn would be a perfect gift for any little one in your life. My 7 year old daughter loves unicorns, what little girl doesn’t like unicorns and rainbows, right? So, when I was asked to review INNObeta’s Cornie (Unicorn) Star Projector I knew this would be a hit with my daughter.

She currently uses a stained-glass turtle night light that is just too bright. I’ve tried to get her to use something less bright, but it’s always “no”. This might do the trick.

We opened the box, unwrapped Cornie and the first thing Haleigh said, “it’s so cute”. I handed it over to her and she exclaimed “it’s so soft”. She said that she felt like Agnes in Despicable Me when she shook the unicorn she won, and yelled “it’s so fluffy”.

Turned out she wants to use Cornie and the turtle still, but she loves Cornie very much.

Cornie came already to go with 3x AAA batteries. The lights project stars and a unicorn face. There are a few different light options:

Press once: Auto Change (three colors: amber, green, blue)

Press twice: Amber Night Light

Press three times: Green Nightlight

Press four times: Blue Nightlight

Press five times: Power off

The lights will glow for 50 minutes and then turn off automatically.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not machine wash. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let air dry only.
  • If the lights look a bit dim the batteries may need to be replaced.

You can find it by clicking here, it’s available via Amazon Prime.

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