SOCOO Giant Water Bottle Review

I absolutely love Diet Coke, it’s been my go-to for years and years. Over the years I’ve noticed that I don’t feel that great after drinking them anymore. I feel very bloated, but it didn’t stop me. Until I recently had a checkup with my new doctor, since moving to Colorado Springs. I had some blood work done and it shows that I’m anemic, overweight, and dehydrated. Which all of these combined is making me extremely tired. Because I was feeling extremely tired I began drinking more Diet Coke for the caffeine. I was drinking 3-4 cans a day!

I had to make some serious changes! My doctor recommended, which I already know, that I needed to drink more water. Especially living here in Colorado Springs and with the elevation it’s important to drink lots of water. I usually bring water with me to the gym, or on a walk, but like I said before I was drinking mostly my beloved Diet Coke.

Just as a reminder, a general rule is to drink eight 8oz a day. I have even read that you should be drinking a ½ to 1oz per pound of your body weight.

So, there I was down to my last pack of Diet Coke. This was it. I told myself that after finishing this pack I was going to quit drinking Diet Coke. This all stemmed from reading “Girl Wash Your Face” by my new favorite author, Rachel Hollis. After reading her book, I started listening to her PodCast. She started a #Last90Days challenge, why wait until the New Year to begin anything you want to accomplish. So, here I am stopping my Diet Coke habit. In support my husband, Todd, who is a Coke drinker has given up pop as well.

Just as I was about finished to my very last Diet Coke that was in our fridge, I received the opportunity to review SOCOO Giant Water Bottle. This is perfect, it’s a 2.2L Giant Water Bottle. As soon as I received it, I washed it and filled it up immediately. To my surprise I drank the entire thing that night. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.

The next day, I was able to fill it and get ½ the way through before picking the kids up from school. I find it a lot easier getting in my water when I have it all there. I thought it might be heavy carrying it with me, but when we took the kids to the zoo it wasn’t that bad. It has a strap that you can use, or you can use its easy grip handle. I looked at it as an extra bit of a workout for my arms.

It’s easy to drink out of, with a flip cap. I also like that the mouth is wide enough to put ice cubes in it.

I have been using my SOCOO Giant Water Bottle for a week now, and I am amazed to how much more water I drink with having a larger bottle. I can definitely feel a difference from the way I feel drinking soda and without, my tummy feels much better. Also, with drinking more water I find myself snacking less. Win-Win.

If you’d like to purchase one, they come in a variety of colors. Please click here.

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