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My husband absolutely LOVED this soap!! I ordered The Black Forest scent, and he liked it even before taking it out of the package. The soap had a great lather and left his skin feeling super soft.. His skin felt as if he had used lotion. He really liked how it made his hair feel, yes my husband uses hand soap on his hair. The only downside is that he found the soap disappeared quickly, where-as the non-handmade bar of soap will last many more washes. **The awesome customer service at got back to me on this, and the advised that the one way to make the soap last longer is to completely remove it for a standard soap tray and let it dry on a slated soap dish. Since the soap is made from oils & butters it will melt quicker if not removed. I hope that helps for the next time. Yes, it definitely helped.

I noticed that our bathroom smelled great too.. BUT, by me saying that doesn’t mean that this scent is super strong.. After my husband got out of the shower you smell a hint of the soap, it’s not over powering. We both really enjoyed The Black Forest scent. Handmade Soap

We both like that it’s handmade and made with No Harsh Chemicals – No Detergents – No Preservatives – No Artificial Color – Just Natural Soap! We liked it so much that we’re looking into becoming members of the You might be asking, a membership for soap? Yes, here’s how it works:

By becoming a member you’ll receive:
• Immediate value & savings • FREE SHIPPING • FREE Welcome Gift • Featured soap of the month • Save up to 20% • Exclusive Access to Purchase Limited Edition Soap • Member’s Only Group Purchases • Pre-Launch Discounts on New Products • some plans may vary

1. Choose Your Plan, they have got 5 plan options to choose from.

* Reward     * Recoup     * Relax     * Recover     * Rejuvenate
Comapare Plans
2. Pick your soap
Over 70 Sumptuous Scents Pure Essential Oils/Fragraces
View the Scent Store
3. Indulge and Unwind
Feel the difference olive & coconut oils soap feels on your skin..
See the benefits

I love their soaps, I love their handmade wooden soap dish.. I recommend checking them out!

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