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Valentines Day Printable –

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Inspired by my February Fitbit Challenge, I came up with this printable:

Fitness LOVE inspiration by mommytime365

If you have a fitbit, please feel free to send me a friend request at: // I have a community group called “Mom’s on Fitbit”, we’re growing and it’s so much fun. Find motivation and friends to help you in your weight loss journey.


You can download this printable for free:  Invalid download ID.


Tonight when I put Haleigh to bed we sang, “You are my sunshine”.. I only sing mainly the one verse, because I don’t want anything to take my sunshine away.. So really, we just sing “You are my Sunshine” over and over… Which it inspired me to make this simple printable. Nothing fancy, just was inspired by those words. Once I get this printed I’ll be sure to post a picture. 🙂
you are my sunshine
You are my Sunshine Printable – FREE

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