October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer is the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women around the world. By 2050, no woman should die of breast cancer. In the month of October, I will be supporting this campaign to make this a reality.. Join Glamulet’s advocacy for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, by purchasing on of their Pink Limited Edition Charms. These charms were created to support the Breast Cancer Awareness, and for every set of charms added to the cart, 50% is donated to a charity organization. If you want to know the organizations that help cancer patients financially, GoFundMe has a page that can inform those who want to help and those who need the help.

About Glamulet:
The Charms brand Glamulet was launched in 2014 to offer to every women a new range of trendy and elegant quality jewelry at an affordable price. We believe that every woman should be allowed to express herself and to feel pretty. We design glamorous Charms and bracelets and we use quality materials to manufacture them. Each woman can mix and match the Charms to create her own Bracelet. Glamulet empowers women by giving them affordable accessories to state their fashion sense, commemorate an event or symbolize a special meaning. Two years after its launch, Glamulet is working hard to spread this vision worldwide and to better the life of every woman.

How can you join in on supporting this campaign?

* For every charm you buy, they are donating 50% of the sales to a charity fund for breast cancer.
* Re-post and share this on your social media outlets!

For more information and to view their beautiful selection of charms, please visit:

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