My New Mommy Blog Adventure

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Welcome to my “My New Mommy Blog Adventure”.

Today I’m super excited to “officially” start my blog: mommytime365.

The reason why I chose to start blogging was because I love to write, it’s been a hobby of mine forever.  It’s something I’ll be able to do while the kids are playing or what not.   I love Pinterest and sharing ideas, stories, weight loss challenges/advice, and making new friends. If I can share tips on how to get three kids up and ready for school quicker, or traveling tips w/three kiddos, family recipes, photos, crafting ideas, holiday party ideas, the list could go on… I am just so excited to share, meet, and see what others have to say!

The name “mommytime365” is because I have learned over the last 6 years that “mommy time” is very important. Almost essential. It literally has taken me this long to grasp that everyone is important, but taking care of “mommy” is the MOST important thing you can do not only for yourself but for your family as well… “If mommy isn’t happy, no one is happy”..

The “What to expect” books don’t really prepare you for what you’re about to embark on as your little one comes in to the world. Sure you have an idea of not being able to do “all” the things you once loved to do, but any hobby of mine became a thing of the past, so one thing I love to do is write and journal.. Now that the kids are a bit older (6, 5, 3) I am able to sit down and write for a few minutes. I am taking some “mommy time” for me.

I am a mom who suffers from anxiety and depression. I never thought of myself as being depressed, but the symptoms said otherwise. I saw a report on the news about moms who suffer the same symptoms and I got in to see my doctor right away. It’s been a year and I feel so much better, have so much hope, and want to share my experiences and my life with others.

I want to connect with other moms, parents, and anyone who is in the same life stage/phase as me; and maybe gain a new perspective.  I hope that you enjoy the blog and connect with me through this journey.


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