National Return Day

Tonight I was watching the Nightly News, when they announce that today is National Return Day. I had no idea the amount of returns, 1.4 million returns. Wow. This inspired me to write about the one gift that I returned of my daughters, which to me was the worst holiday gift 2017.

Months ago the kids got their ToysRus toy catalog, which is always so fun to watch. It brings back memories of me and my brothers circling the toys in the Jafco catalog. Well, the kids went through it at least a thousand times, putting their initials next to every toy they’d possibly want. One of the “big” items that my daughter was excited about was the L.O.L Big Surprise.

When it was time to go Christmas shopping, we had our list, but Todd and I knew nothing about what L.O.L was or what the “Big Surprise” was. We had seen that it was one of the hottest items for Christmas, limiting only one per customer, so we thought this must be good. When we went shopping there was another mom purchasing the L.O.L Big Surprise, she said that her daughter has been talking about this non-stop. I asked her if she knew what the contents were, and she said that they’re supposed to have cute dolls and accessories. With all of this information we went for it, we spent the $79.99 in hopes this would be one of the highlights of Christmas morning.

Haleigh unwrapped her present and she was super excited, after all the presents were open she was excited to open her L.O.L Big Surprise. We opened up the packaging and there were 3 trays with a bunch of different sized balls. On each of the balls it tells you how many surprises were to be found inside. The bigger plastic balls had a bunch of compartments with these tiny bags. One-by-one we began to open them, and we were shocked at to how small these items were. We opened up a very small shirt, some tiny shoes.

One ball in particular was the one that just upset me, the ball was a bath bomb and it had 2 plastic charms and a circle plastic piece that was for the charms.. There wasn’t a charm bracelet in this entire thing to place this upon, so what is the point of that? The dolls.. These dolls are tiny and their accessories are super tiny, which is great for losing. One of the dolls said to put in water, and it turned colors. My daughter hated it, so she left it out so it returned to it’s normal color. BUT these are not even close to being cute, at all.

Later on Christmas Day, I went on ToysRus website to read their return policy. Per their policy, all items need to be in the original package. Which all of the items could be put back in this purse looking container, but all the bath bombs were used and individual packaging opened. I called the store the next day to see if they’d accept this return, and after being placed on hold they came back and said they’d take it back. Oh thank goodness, we drove there as soon as we got off the phone. I thank ToysRus for allowing us to return the item, what a relief!

I was interested to see if there were any other disappointed reviews, and to my surprise there were not as many bad reviews as I thought. I have to wonder if they were given this as a product review and didn’t do an honest review. This is what drives me batty, and a reason why I give my absolute honest opinion when doing product reviews. I want to save someone the trouble of having a disappointed consumer. I regress,

All of these items should be sold out of a gumball machine. There are cheaply made plastic pieces. Not even close to being worth the $79.99 that we paid.

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  1. Jeannine said:

    I’m sorry she got such a disappointing gift. I’ve had those same experiences with my kids and most big stores will not accept toys to be returned if they’ve been completely opened like that. We try to find reviews online and on Youtube before buying toys. This is one of the rare years we have not had to return Christmas gifts. I shopped at our local Toys R Us and mostly little local businesses and some of my friend’s businesses. The whole shopping experience this season was really fun, personal and each time I bought from a friend, it was a really good feeling to be able to bless their business. I’ve noticed that most of my friend’s businesses have amazing return policies. They want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase because their name and reputation is connected with each transaction. I want to continue this type of shopping all year long and give up on so much Amazon shopping. I’ve been disappointed with stuff from Amazon so often and returning is a pain. And most things on Amazon will not have free shipping when you return for just not liking the item. I also shopped from a few small businesses online that were not local and had very good customer service.

    January 4, 2018

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