Nailed It

Seriously, Color Street has nailed it!  I just learned about these and am so excited. All my amazing co-workers have the most beautiful nails, so I looked into it.. I found out that they’re not going to a nail salon, they’re doing their own nails from the comfort of their own homes.

How I knew I’d like to try Color Street nails, I looked down. Down at my hands that is, they’re naked and boring. The staff at our school have sparkly, fun, and beautiful nails. I was missing out, and these are an inexpensive way to treat yourself.. OR, I do know first hand that teachers seem to really like them (hint, hint for those parents looking for gift ideas). I also thought of the following questions, and I’d like to share my answers with you…

Do you like to paint your nails?  Yes, but I’m not good at it. I also don’t usually find the time to pamper myself. I’m right-handed, so when it comes to painting my right hand it looks like a kindergartner did it.

Do you like manicures?  Love them, because the paint always looks so perfect. Now I just need someone to massage my hands after I’ve done my nails, and I’m golden (hint to hubby).

Do you like having lots of color options when choosing a nail polish?  I love having options, because I like to coordinate with holidays and events, or even my mood.

I once upon a time thought that Jamberry was my answer, but to be honest it was a hassle. You had to cut, trim, and heat. I still have unopened Jamberry packs. I haven’t used them for years, and I have a secret. I use Jamberry’s as Band-Aids for my kids’ toenails. I don’t know how many times my kids would stub their darn big toe at the pool, or at the park while wearing flip flops during the summer. Then I’d hear the whining about their toenails snagging on sheets, socks, you name it. They were the best thing to repair a  damaged nail, because you have to use the heater to adhere the Jamberry to the nail. It wouldn’t come off, lasted all summer.

BUT Color Street has come along and made it so simple to have nice nails. There is NO DRY TIME, simply apply and go!

I am going to be using the “WHAT FUN IT IS” pack, which is the picture above the post. Super festive for the upcoming holidays.

If you are wanting to know more, you don’t want to miss this event!! You’ll be able to view designs and I’ll be available to answer any questions. To join in on the party, please click here… Please note that if you would like to have your nails perfectly polished by the holidays orders must be in by December 16th.

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