I have 3 kids, I’m a busy mom. I love checking out other blogs to find “inspiration”.. Especially Pinterest, oh how I wish I had more time to do all the things I’ve pinned!

I will only promote items and be affiliated with stores that I believe in. I give my honest opinions on all product reviews.

Weight loss issues, been there, heck I am there! I want to lose this weight just as much as you do, so I’m here to support my friends. I am super excited to share ideas, workout tips, recipes, and humor in it all.  Here is a great recipe I’d like to share with you:Radar Farms Fresh Start - Vemma Bode Recipe with logo

Fashion, love it, wear it – uh no. I’ve fallen in the “workout pants and long-sleeve t-shirt” mode for the past, um 6 years… I love fashion, I use to love shopping. Being a bigger size and shopping isn’t as fun.. Depressing to me really.. Dressing rooms – forget it.

Relationships, I’m married and super lucky. I’ll give date ideas, when we have them, and share humorous and not-so-humorous stories with you…

and Parenting, we are in the boat together.. Some are veterans who we can gain so much knowledge from (except from sassy mother-in-laws, lol)… To the newbies who carry and care for the baby as if it was a fresh dozen eggs… You won’t break the baby, I promise. When you decide to add more children to your family you’ll see you’ll be more relaxed baby-by-baby.. That commercial that shows the new mom and then the mom with two, as she hands off the baby to a mechanic.. Yeah, it’s like that.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, please feel free to follow and comment! I look forward to connecting with you!
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