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I love opening up the windows and letting the fresh air in, and soon it will be fall and those cool breezy nights are my absolute favorite. I remember as a kid we had a big sliding glass door installed from Discover Air leading to our backyard, and so many times we were hung up on the screen door! The lock would accidentally get engaged and there we were shaking the door until it budged. We’ve talked about getting a screen door for our back door, but with kids they’re just such a hassle. That’s why when I saw Zume Magnetic Screen Door I figured this would be our solution. Doors are such a hassle anyway, I don’t know about you but every door I’ve used seem to break. I’ve checked out places like the overhead door repair Dallas but that’s not important. You’re here to read about this magnetic screen door that I’m trying.

Simply switching from your ordinary door screens to the Zume Magnetic Screen Door, you get all of the fresh air in your home year round without the hassles. Door screens with magnets allow you to:
• Give pets the freedom to let themselves in/out
• Keep bugs out!
• Ensure that your door closes every time
• Prevent finger pinching accidents due to sliding doors
• Easily enter/exit your home hands free

Zume magnetic screen doors are truly the best on the market today because they are:
• BETTER SEALING. With our doors screens, a magnetic seal is complete from top to bottom without any gaps!
• SEWN, NOT GLUED! Our door screen magnetic system is a part of the seams, so it won’t rip off or come loose, we had picked up all of the supplies from Tradefix Direct as we knew we would get the best price for the materials that we would need to install the new door.
• HEAVIER. We use 60g mesh, offering double the strength of our competitors
• REINFORCED. Reinforced edges make our magnetic door screen even stronger
• VELCRO SEALED. No snaps or zippers needed!
• EASY TO INSTALL. You won’t need a single tool!
• 12 POINT INSPECTED. Every one of our screen doors with magnets is put through a rigorous testing before it’s shipped.
• GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME. You can purchase our magnetic screen doors with complete confidence.

See how much easier it can be to let the fresh air in!

Upgrade your home with the magnetic door screen design on Amazon!

Order the Zume Products Magnetic Screen Door today!

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