Kegel Exercise System Review

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I know I am going to get a bunch of giggles and slack for this post, but ladies, you workout and focus on arms, legs, blah, blah, blah.. Why not your hoo-ha? Yes, I said “hoo-ha”.. Fifty Shades of Grey can call it her “Sex”, so I’m going a very PG version.. You’ll need to check out this six weight system called, The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System! I know, I know, sounds funny.. Kegel Exercise is no joke, why not exercise hoo-ha?? Do you have anything to lose, no, plus these systems can be found online easily like on lovegasm or other sexual health centric sites. Why not kick your Kegels up a notch, ya know what I’m saying… ((wink-wink)) I’m sure lots of adult actresses stick to a rigorous kegel exercise routine, even amateurs that might upload to or similar amateur adult sites.

Kegel Exercise System

I started this a few weeks ago.. I identified the heaviest weight for me (directions below) and followed the very easy instructions. They’re not uncomfortable, you know they’re there.

About the six weight system, it contains everything you need to REDUCE INCONTINENCE and INCREASE SEXUAL DESIRE and SATISFACTION for both you and your partner.

Beginners and new mothers start with the lightest colored weight while the darker colors get progressively heavier for kegel experts. The quick and noninvasive weights can be used any time. Simply insert the weights and go about your day while your pelvic wall muscles get a workout in just 15 minutes. As you get stronger, you can incrementally intensify your workout results with darker colored heavier weights.

In just a few short weeks of regular use, you will notice results. In a month or two you will have INCREDIBLE bladder control, AMAZING sexual satisfaction, and a much TIGHTER sexual experience.

The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System includes:
? 6 progressively heavier weights, perfect for beginners and experts
? A convenient storage case
? Instruction manual with exercise programQuick Instructions:

1. Identify the heaviest weight you can hold with your pelvic muscles for 2 minutes straight.

2. Use this weight for 15 minutes every day.

3. As your beginner weight becomes easily held, move on to the next heavier weight. Use this weight for 15 minutes per day

4. Repeat this process moving to the next higher weight.

5. Once you have mastered the heaviest weight, you will have the incredible bladder control and sexual satisfaction that you’re looking for!

Detailed Instructions:
Start with the smallest weight (Ivory color) and slide it into your ******, leaving the nylon string on the outside. Let go with your hands and attempt to hold the weight with your pelvic floor muscles for two minutes while standing up. If you are able to hold it, move to the next darker color and repeat the process until you are unable to hold the weight for two minutes. Once you’ve found the heaviest weight you can hold for two minutes straight, you’ve identified your perfect training weight. Use this weight every day for a full 15 minutes. As you feel your pelvic muscles becoming stronger, you can progressively go to the next darker shade until you’ve reached the 95g Plum colored weight, which is the most intense kegel weight on the market. Once you have mastered this weight, your pelvic muscles will have the incredible strength needed to eliminate your incontinence and achieve the most intense sexual pleasure you or your partner has ever experienced!

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