Ionic Infusion ‘Wrinkle-Eraser’ – Review

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Darn you fine lines, argh!!! I’m quickly approaching 40, and those pesky little fine lines are beginning to invade my face, so I am more than willing to attempt to keep these at bay! The Renewal Negative Ionic Infusion ‘Wrinkle-Eraser’ Wand & Under-Eye Massager is a gentle way to look refreshed and prevent future damage.

About the Ionic Under-Eye Massager by: Skin Ultimate Labs: The new, FDA listed (reg #D233185) ionic infusion device uses negative-ion, micro-electric pulses and high-frequency, ultrasonic vibration to gently ‘push’ treatments deeper. Enhancing cosmetic treatments, particularly in the under-eye area. This high-tech, palm-sized sonic infusion device is designed to assist build your skin’s resilience & flexibility and prevent future damage around your eye area.

So, how does this work? Works by gently tapping the skin around your eye at around 140+ sonic bps (beats per second) this amazing system helps boost absorption of serums and creams in a way that’s just not possible when using your finger alone. It’s perfect to use on both; lower & upper eye area. Can also be used on the brow, forehead and lip areas. 30 seconds of use, in the area around each eye results in an immediately hydrated, more firm and refreshed eye. To get it to work there is a long silver strip on the inside that you have to hold as you gently press the wand to your face. You’ll then feel it vibrate. I tested it on my hand first, since I didn’t know what to expect.

Ionic Under-Eye Massager

My thoughts about the Ionic Infusion.. It comes nicely packaged and with its own AAA battery, which is nice, I hardly ever have those around. The wand is lightweight and easy to use.  After using this for a few weeks, I really like it. I use it before putting on my moisturizer. I feel that it makes a difference in the morning puffiness that I sometimes am blessed with.

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