How To Avoid Tangles and Tears – Detangling Brush Review

Wow! Do I wish that when I was younger they had a detangling brush like this! When I was little I had really long hair, and I remember having to sit in front of my mom as she brushed through my tangled hair. My mom would try to be as gentle as possible, but tug-after-tug sure enough there would be some whining and a few tears shortly followed.

Now being a mom with a daughter. I always make sure I buy tangle free & tear free shampoo to try and decrease the amount of tangles and tears. As hard as I may try, I’m always up against these darn tangles, until now. My friends at Hair Symphony gave me the opportunity to try their Detangling Brush Set, and the very first time I used their detangling brush on Haleigh it was simply AMAZING!! The brush literally went from the crown of her head to the ends of her hair in ONE-BIG-CONTINUOUS-BRUSH. Simply Amazing, no tugs, no tears!

I used the Detangling Brush on Haleigh’s hair when it was wet and dry. It’s much easier using the Detangling Brush on dry hair than it was on wet, so I do recommend using the styling brush on wet hair.

Haleigh LOVES and I mean LOVES it. I wish I would have gotten it on video, but she was dancing around the house singing how much she loves it and is so excited. I did put together a photo/video of me brushing her hair. The boys were home from President’s Day, so it was a bit noisy and I still don’t have my voice back. You’ll be able to see the difference.

For the Daddy/Daughter Dance last Friday, I first used the detangling brush on Haleigh’s hair first, then to curl it I used the styling brush to grab the pieces to curl. She was terrific and sat still the whole time. Not battling with your child to do their hair is a huge time & sanity saver for sure!
Daddy Daughter Dance

It’s a must have if you or your daughter have long hair, this will leave it super soft and tangle free! It also comes with a styling brush and a cosmetic bag for on the go!
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