How A Portable Charger Can Save The Day

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We, as parents, have it pretty good as far as entertaining our children in the car to keep our sanity. We’ve got on-demand movies and shows, portable dvd players and video games! I mean, how cool would it have been if we were able to bring the Atari in the car or play PacMan or Space Invaders on our parents phone! That’d be pretty RAD if you ask me. But in all this awesomeness what could put an end to a joyful, peaceful, entertaining trip? Well, besides forgetting to pack diapers and wipes? Yup, the batteries have no charge and you’ll have to either wait to get to your destination or wait until (gulp) you get home from that camping trip to be able to put the electronic item on the charger! Except wait, it just so happens that Super Mom has a new gadget!! A PORTABLE CHARGER to the rescue!!

Lifeguard Mini 1 - Portable Charger

I was given the opportunity to review LifeGuard Charging Mini 1 – Portable Charger. It comes with a Micro USB Cable, and a Lightning 8-pin cable that is also Apple compatible. I put it to the test on all our gadgets. I tested the following items:
* My cell phone, which is a HTC
* Fitbit
* Husbands Samsung Galaxy 3
* Nook
* iPod

Lifeguard Mini 1 - Portable Charger

About the Lifeguard Charging Mini 1 – Portable Charger:
The Life Cycle is ~800 cycles, so you’ll have this for a very long time.
Size (LWH): 3.8 inches, 1 inches, 0.9 inches
Minimum Rated Talk Time: 9 hours
Minimum Rated Standby Time: 48 hours
Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Lifeguard Mini 1 - Portable Charger

Now all you have to remember is to make sure the memory card is in the camera before leaving the house!
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