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Wow, I just realized I’ve had the same scale for 11 years, strange to think it’s been 11 years. The only complaint I’ve had about this scale was that you have to step down and push on it once, wait for 0:00 to appear, and then it’s ready for you step on. Many times I’d step upon the scale having to step-off to reset all over again. I found this especially frustrating when I’d try to weigh the kids. They’d just want to step on and get an instant reading, which was pretty funny, but frustrating as well. Gurin’s Bathroom Scale has “Accurate Step-On” technology where you step onto scale and get an instant and accurate reading.

Gurin Scale Review

Took this out of the box and it looks very sleek. It’s weird to say a scale is pretty, but it is. It’s a nice modern design with a LCD display (4.3″) on a blue back-lit background and thick tempered glass. The display was much larger than my old scale and it’s really easy to read.

Gurin Weight Scale Display

Another perk to this scale is that it auto-calibrates and turns itself off to conserve battery life. My old scale you have to calibrate every-so-often, so with having it auto-calibrated makes me more confident that I’m getting an accurate read.

As far a scales go, it’s weird to compare it’s a scale, but with this one the large display and immediate reading is features I really like.  I’m very satisfied with this scale and would recommend one if you’re in the market for a new scale. It also comes with a free measuring tape and batteries. They provide a 100% Gurin Satisfaction Guarantee and 2-year Gurin warranty!

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