Go2 Pocket Knife – Multi Tool Review

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Go2 Swiss Army Pocket Knife – Multi Tool

We just went on our official “family camping trip” last August, and it was a blast. We’ve been talking about taking the kids camping for so long, but always waited due to them being young and in diapers. I know, that shouldn’t have stopped us, but we had no problem with staying in a warm comfortable hotel/motel/timeshare.  We literally had to buy everything, which was a lot of fun. Luckily, I had the opportunity to review Swiss Army Knife Style Pocket Knife just in time for our camping trip.  It’s a 10 Function Multi-tool Rugged “Go2” Knife with Durable Yet Stylish Design, Elegant Gift Box, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Here are the awesome features:

* Swiss Army Knife style pocket knife with a large, sturdy & durable stainless knife blade
* Very handy and tough Philips & flathead screwdrivers to help with your next task on the fly
* Convenient scissors, bottle opener, can opener, nail file, nail cleaner, corkscrew & key ring
* Stylish & tough yet lightweight, this multi-function tool is perfect for yourself or as a gift!
* 3.75″ closed 6.25″ open with a 2.5″ blade & a total weight of 3.3 ounces & lifetime warranty


This exceptionally built and elegantly styled knife earns its name, the Rugged “Go2” pocket knife and multi-function tool. Grab this convenient knife “on the go” and “go to” it when you need a variety of rugged tools or an extremely sturdy and durable knife. This will quickly become your “Go2” knife. At the Rugged Knife Company, our focus from top to bottom with this product was to ensure the highest standard of quality and functionality, while still making it easy and convenient to carry for just about anyone. And we feel it’s the most stylish knife on the market…which doesn’t hurt either. Backed with our lifetime warranty, this knife sets a new standard in Swiss Army style pocket knives and multi-function tools. To sum it all up…we took the best features of your standard Swiss Army Knives and simply made them better, stronger, and more attractive. Whether you are looking for a knife for everyday use, heading to the great outdoors, or looking for the perfect gift, this knife is your “Go2” solution. Add one to your cart and see for yourself….They guarantee that you will not be disappointed.Rugged Pocket Knife #RuggedKnife

So, what do I think of this?  It’s great, it’s solid.  I love the flat black it’s super sleek.  It comes in a really nice gift box, which is perfect for maybe a stocking stuffer??  The company has terrific customer service, I would definitely keep them in mind.. To learn more about this product or to order, please click HERE.   

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