Ghostbusters Party Theme

Ghostbusters Party Theme

When my son asked for a Ghostbusters party I was unsure as to how to decorate since it’s no where close to #Halloween and #Ghostbusters themed decorations aren’t available. I’m sure with a “#Ghostbusters III” coming out I’m sure it’ll back in stores. When I started putting things together it was so fun and easy!!

First, I ordered a Ghostbusters poster off of and then I also found some ghost Peeps on EBay. Then went to Party City and bought plain black plates, lime green utensils, lime green/black streamers and balloons.. I downloaded the Ghostbusters logo and printed them on Avery Shipping Labels, which I stuck onto the plate (see picture below).Ghostbuster Cake Plate


For the invitation I used Microsoft Publisher. I downloaded a spooky font and used Avery Postcards.

Owen's Ghostbuster Party Invite-1
Owen's Ghostbuster Party Invite-2

I then went to the Dollar Store to find some odds and ends for thank you gifts when I found Slime. SCORE!!! I found pink and green slime in test tubes, so I bought small prizes that the kids had to fish for with their hands. It turned out great, the super fun! Even the adults had a kick playing with the slime.

Ghostbusters - Slime

We had just come back from a beach trip where we had s’mores, so I found a recipe and tweaked it a bit. See my post for the recipe.

For the cupcakes: I bought the cute black/white cupcakes holders at Michael’s and just used funfetti cake. For the frosting I used my favorite frosting!!! Kraft Coolwhip Frosting. It’s found in the freezer section and comes in Vanilla/Chocolate/Cream Cheese. Super easy to spread and work with.. Then I topped the cupcakes with the Ghost Peeps that I found.

Ghostbuster Cupcakes


Ghostbusters - Cupcake

Ghostbusters Cupcakes

For the punch I used an old recipe that my Great Grandma had made. I called it, “Slimer Punch”. Very simple: 2 quarts lime sherbet, 2 (2 liter) bottles ginger ale, 1 (46oz) can pineapple juice. Scoop lime sherbet into a punch bowl; pour in ginger ale and pineapple juice. Stir well. Then add dry ice for the spooky touch.

Ghostbusters Party - Punch


Lesson learned: If your child really like their party be sure to buy extra Ghost Peeps at Halloween. This way you’re spending $1.00 vs $5 + shipping…

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