Fitbit Charge HR Accessories

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Fitbit Charge HR Accessories – Charging Cord Review

When I had the chance to review the Fitbit Charge HR Accessories by Plug-N, I was very excited to participate. It’s just what I needed.

Recently, I upgraded from a Fitbit Flex to a Charge HR and I love it. The only complaint I have is the incredibly short charging cord. I usually plug my Charge HR cord into the tower of my computer, and then wedge it between the tower and wall of the desk. This does make me a bit concerned about any potential damage. Plug-N has this cord, which is 3.3ft long, so now I am able to plug it in and place it gently and safely upon my desk.

Fitbit Charge HR and Cords

I definitely recommend buying this cord for the convenience and safety factor.







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