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I love to travel. It’s weird but a highlight to a trip for me is packing, to me it’s like Christmas morning. The anticipation, the checking out the weekly forecast, buying last minute items, I absolutely love it. One thing that is tough is packing my facial and hair products. Nothing against hotels, but I do not like what they usually offer as far as facial soaps and hair products. Unless I forget, I always bring my own. One of the things about bringing your own items is packing them without leakage. That’d be the worst, so I usually pack items in sandwich bags inside of a freezer bag just as a precaution. Feather & Bone have an excellent solution to packing facial wash called Face Gems. They’re nicely packaged in a way that there is no need for a travel bag.

Feather and Bone

Feather and Bone
Face Gem’s are simple to use:
Feather and Bone
I have never used them before, so I started with a few drops of water..

Feather and Bone

It should look like a soft past.. If you go slow you’ll notice that it goes from really gritty to a soft paste, and if you continue adding water your hands will look as if you’ve been using clay. That’s when you’ve gone too far, but you still can wash your face. The Face Gems were odorless, and after rinsing the Face Gem off it reminded me of the softness you get from using a mud mask. Super soft and clean.  My face didn’t feel dried out, it felt really nice.

About Feather & Bone’s Face Gem is –
Feather and Bone
100% all-natural with ingredients sourced and harvested from around the world without any negative impact on the environment.
Free of harmful preservatives, petrochemicals and parabens.
For any skin type, age, lifestyle and ethnicity.
Cools the skin.
Reduces likelihood of breakouts
Helps improve blood circulation to the skin
Absorbs oil from the skin
Removes dead skin cells
Nourishes and exfoliates
Strips away the visible negative impact of stress, leaving the skin looking and feeling radiant
Soothes and rejuvenates your face with every use. Every day. Every time. Everywhere.

I’d recommend Feather & Bone’s Face Gems for travel, they’d be great for a college student who has to share shower in a dorm. Less to carry and lots of benefits from using the Face Gems! For more information, please visit their website at:  www.featherandboneco.com


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