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Do you have a little scientist who is fascinated by rocks and gemstones? My Wyatt sure is! He has always loved to collected rocks, so when I was given the opportunity to review a GemStone Kit both Wyatt and I were very excited. He’s been collecting rocks and agates for awhile.

You may have seen my previous blog post on the Discover With Dr. Cool – Insect Excavation Kit, where you get to excavate and find REAL BUGS, which was super fun. Discover with Dr. Cool introduces science in a brilliant and fun way!  Your little rock hunter will be able to find REAL: QUARTZ, TIGER’S EYE, AND AMETHYST GEMSTONES!

Along with finding amazing gems you get everything you need to start your rock/gemstone collection: a digging tool, brush, and magnifying glass.

Gem Stone Dig Kit 2
In addition to these great items, you receive full-color information guide that is written by teachers! You’ll learn cool science facts that will help you identify and earn about each gemstone. There is also a really fun activity booklet with fun games and puzzles. The boys absolutely went CrAzY over these kits!Gem Stone Dig Kit 3


Wyatt enjoyed this very much. He took his time chipping and brushing away the dust. He’d observe it carefully to see if he was close to finding the gems. It says to use newspaper and I can see why, it did get a bit messy/dusty. I used a sheet to cover the table, which was easier to fold up and shake out. The Gemstone Dig Kit was easier to chip away than the Insect Excavation Kit. I think the groves made it a bit easier, I had to help Owen on his. I was chipping at it so hard it kept making my Fitbit go into sleep mode.

Eureka!!  It may not be gold, but it might as well be to my little guy.

Gem Stone Dig Kit 10

This was his greatest discovery yet!  He’s wanting to become a scientist even more! I love that he’s so enthusiastic about wanting to learn more about rocks, gemstones, and insects!

If you’ve got a little scientist, home-school your kids, have an upcoming science fair, or are looking for a really fun gift. They’ve got a variety of kits that include:
* Ultimate Volcano Kit
* Fossil Science Kit
* Break open geode kits
* Shark teeth kits
* And so much more…

Dr. Cool won: Preferred Choice Award – Creative Child Magazine 2012 and Seal of Excellence – Creative Child Magazine 2012
We’re very excited to have “Discovered” Dr. Cool, and are looking forward to exploring the other kits!  Wyatt’s birthday is coming up, so we already have in mind a few gifts.

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