Date Night Ideas

For some of us when hear the words: “Date Night” our immediate reaction could be one of the following: A giggle with an eye roll, followed by “yeah right”.. or “Date Night, what’s that”? I am super lucky that my mom will take all 3 for a sleepover and we’ll get a night to ourselves. AWESOME!! So, this page is to give you some “Date Night Ideas”. We’re usually spending way too much time thinking, where do you wanna go.. Well, where do you wanna go.. Circles people, so my goal even before New Years is to have ideas all ready to just pick from and that’ll give us more time to enjoy one another (wink-wink)…

Movies are great – You can even purchase your tickets right here…

Fandango - Movie Tickets Online

This would be a great Halloween date night movie, Todd and I will have to check this one out.. This is currently playing in theaters. ouija-posterart

And, I am so hooked on the books/movie series and cannot wait for this to come out! Opens Friday, November 21stmockingjaypart1_theatricalposter_fandangowebsite

This is more for a family date. We saw the previews of this movie last night while watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and the kids were laughing so hard… Coming out on Wednesday, November 26th 2014_penguins_of_madagascar_xlg

Here is another family date night, I’d like to see this movie that is in theaters now.thebookoflife-ps-1

If you’ve seen any of the movies that are out, or are looking forward to any of these movies let me know 🙂
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  1. Leilani said:

    movies are a great idea for date nights….i love to go out to eat….so whenever one of us comes across a new restaurant that we’d like to check out…we make it an excuse to go on a date….we also try to keep changing it up so we’re not always going to the same places for our dates….and we commit to doing this at least twice a month…at the very least….

    June 21, 2015
    • Us too, the last movie we saw was San Andreas.. It’s my pick next time, lol, actually I think we might be taking the kids to see “Inside Out” at a Drive-In this weekend. That should be fun! Family Date Night

      June 23, 2015

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