Classic Groovy Ice Pop Molds Review

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A favorite summertime treat for us kids growing up was making our own popsicles! These classic groovy ice pop molds bring me back!  I can see it now… Summer 1984 it’s a hot sunny day, Cruel summer, by Bananarama playing on the boom box and we’re eating some freshly made Kool-aid popsicles!  I wanted to share this summertime treat and tradition with my kiddos, so here’s our experience with using Kitchenne’s Groovy Pop Ice Pop Molds.

Classic Groovy Ice Pops

For our first batch, the kids really wanted to make yogurt pops. They turned out okay, but I think due to operator’s error, I pulled to get the yogurt pop out and the stem broke off. I wrote to Kitchenne to let them know that this occurred.. James, from Kitchenne, sent out another set immediately. Superior customer service! They had these next day delivered. They hadn’t ever came across this problem, so he made sure that this was noted. He even asked if I could send pictures, which I was happy to help..

The next set arrived, the very next day, so this time I went traditional. I made some of my favorite Kool-Aid, Tropical Punch, and in the freezer they went. A few hours later, when the temp outside had reached 100 and for Oregon not typical, the kids were super ready to taste these treats!Classic Groovy Ice Pops

What I really like about these, unlike the old school ones I remember, is that the stick has this basin where the drips don’t go from the ice pop to the hand and down the arm. Instead after you finish your ice pop you can drink what has been caught in the little basin. Brilliant.


Classic Groovy Ice Pops

I love the colors, they’re bright and fun. Easy to use and the clean up is super easy!  Again, the customer service – Excellent!!

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Classic Groovy Ice Pops

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