A Band-Aid on Your Vagina?


As a parent there are some topics that you just dread to embark on, but seeing that Wyatt is 6, Owen is 5, and Haleigh is 3 the bird and the bees conversation may be upon us.  This wasn’t the case today, however, I wasn’t prepared for this conversation in the slightest.

After my husband left for work the boys climbed in bed w/me to snuggle. All of a sudden I felt like, oh no I think I just bled on the sheet moment, and I did… Lovely, how am I going to explain this one… This is how the conversation went:

Me:  “Owen can you get out of bed, so mommy can go to the bathroom”?

Owen: “climb over me”..

I replied, “uh no.. please honey just move”.

Totally embarrassed and not really sure where this was going to go, but hoping that they wouldn’t notice the blood spot on the sheet.  I could hear from our master bathroom –

Owen: “ewwww gross, I think that’s blood”…

Wyatt:  “daddy must have had a bloody nose”..

Owen: “but this is mommy’s side of the bed”.

So, I walked in and said, “okay guys God has it so that all mom’s bleed once a month to let an egg come down”..

Owen interrupts: “so, we can hatch an egg”?

Me: “well sorda, but mommy and daddy made it so mommy can’t have any more babies, but my egg and lining still have to fall. This sheds by bleeding, it doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just super annoying”…

Wyatt: “so you forgot to put a Band-Aid on your vagina”….

Me:  Yes, Wyatt.  Mommy forgot to put her Band-Aid on her vagina…

It took everything I had not to laugh, because he was so serious and so cute… Hilarious!



  1. Pat said:

    Your Mom shared that story with me the other day and I laughed so hard nearly peed my pants. Yes Kids say the dam nest things but so often they are really serious and funny. Keep blogging as you are headed for many many more stories like this one.

    October 12, 2014
    • Thanks! This story was just too funny not to share.. Thanks for reading and I will be continuing to blog my journey.

      October 12, 2014

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