AZSPORT Waist Trimmer Review

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I am jazzed up about fitness again, I threw a 2 week pity-party when I chose to switch my morning workouts to evening workouts. After the kids went to bed I had no get-up and go in me, sure the motivation is there all I have to do is look down. So, I was honest with myself and came to terms that I am going to do this.. I want this, I didn’t gain all this weight overnight, and I’m certainly not going to lose it overnight either. I am game to try anything that comes my way, well almost anything, but I was able to try AZSPORT’s waist trimmer belt. It’s thin, super lightweight, and comfortable. You wrap this around your waist, tighten it with the velcro and off you go…

This waist trimmer is basically a portable sauna belt that helps accelerate weight loss. It helps shed off the excess water weight and also gives you lower back/abdominal muscle support. Improves posture to enhance the circulation in the abdominal area during exercise.

I wore this around the house and notice that I did sweat. I also wore this to the gym, which was okay, but I felt that it did shift position almost in an X form. I tightened it up a bit more and then it was fine.

Now, I will say that I did have troubles taking this off. I actually bent back a nail and I keep mine fairly short. Then I had a bigger mishap, I wore this for most of my day and so I had it on at my husband’s basketball game. I took Haleigh to the bathroom and the stall was super tiny, so I had the door open and as I was helping her my purse slid down my shoulder. I grabbed it to save it from the bathroom floor. Then I thought, because I’ve been drinking lots of water lately, I should go too.. I had the door semi-open since Haleigh was standing there with my purse. There is hardly anyone there at this college for the Men’s Rec Basketball games, so the door wasn’t shut. I go to take the waist trimmer off, the need to go is increasing, I’m struggling and finally I’m free. I go to sit down and BAM Haleigh pushes the door open and the purse hook collides with my eye!! Haleigh and I go to wash our hands when I feel a trickle of blood trickling down from my eye. I look in the mirror and there is a goose egg and a cut just below my eyebrow. I am so lucky I didn’t actually get my eyeball or something worse. So then I go out to the court, where the game hasn’t started, my husband looks at me and we’re frantically looking for an ice pack. Luckily a guy from the other team had one, so I got ice on that lovely goose egg and had to laugh at the situation.

Azsport Waist Trimmer Review

So be warned, practice taking it off before wearing it outside the house… LOL

After wearing this for a few weeks, I really didn’t see much of a difference. I do think that with clean eating and working out it can help reduce a waistline. I’ll continue to wear it, because it does make you sweat. I won’t guarantee results unless you work for it, the pictures they’ve used to represent the product are people who seriously don’t need to worry about trimming their waist.. But then again, I didn’t have enough courage to post my picture wearing it.. It might actually scare the people that they’d look like me.. I get it, good strategy, but when I look at those pictures all I can think is “seriously”.. You’ll see what I mean:

Boo-hoo right… lol. Okay seriously, I liked the lower back support. I recommend this not just for the sauna effect, but for the after workout soreness factor if you’re strength training. It’s a win-win, sweat a lot and give your back and abs some added support. For more information or to buy this product, please visit the link below.

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  1. oh no!!!! this so sounds like something that would happen to me!
    i did waist-training prior to my 2nd baby (abc) and i definitely saw some results. i used the ones with the steel bones. within 2 weeks i’d lost an inch!
    i can totally relate to being down about weight. i’m trying not to beat myself up and be patient but it’s so hard!!!! keep it up! we’re sure to see some results!

    June 21, 2015

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